All About Savuti Taxidermy

Savuti – “leaders in Excellence” is our motto and the golden thread that runs through our work as well as approaches…

Savuti’s golden thread and code of ethics:

  • Hunting is a passion and not just another sport
  • It is of utmost importance to preserve the memories to the best of our abilities
  • It is of most importance to restore the animal to the best possible mount the skin allows
  • Our work must resemble the wonderful hunt, memorable experience and a piece of art
  • Every trophy represents a part of Africa. This is brought back to a life-like form and a proud representative of the species as well as the hunt
  • Each hunter and client is an individual and has his own needs and preferences
  • Taxidermy related requests are our priority
  • Exclusive attention is given to detail and precision
  • We use only the best quality materials and never rush a trophy but
  • We work as fast as factors permit us to ensure fast turn around time
  • Staff are hand picked, professional and well trained
  • Each staff member specialize in their own field of expertise, and is proud of his work
  • Every animal is double checked to assure that work complies to extraordinary standard
  • Both our local hunters as well as our international hunters are important to us
  • It is a privilege to work with hunters and share in their hunting experiences
  • We are a Veterinary approved facility and this enables us to export legally worldwide
  • We obtain required permits and necessary documentation for legal hunts
  • Our work is our pride and a legacy to pass on - even when the hunt is long forgotten
  • Our work will cherish your hunting memory and make it last for a lifetime


If you are looking for Excellence, you don’t have to look further.  Welcome to the place
where perfection meets dedication, welcome to our exclusive family of leading hunters…